What are the risks involved of your computer data is not secure

Your activity is based on your IT data. Are they safe? Because you have to consider the worst case…

Computer data is at the center of your activity. Today, your daily life is based on the availability of your digital information, whether in the form of applications or files. Do not taking into account the security of this data, vital for your business, can prove to be a real management error in the event of a problem.

What are the risks involved?

The risks linked to the loss of computer data are manifold. Without order of priority or frequency of appearance, we can cite:

• human error, by a collaborator who deletes a file inadvertently

• the act of vandalism, mainly by an employee who intends to harm your business

• hardware failure, which on a hard drive can prevent data recovery

• theft

• fire

• any other event of disaster or force majeure, which can completely immobilize your system of information.

Faced with all these potential risks, the answers exist. In summary, a lack of security of your data can range from the simple lack of a file, to the complete immobilization of your computer system. It is therefore up to you to put the cursor on the means to be implemented to ensure continuity service, and thus not impact the operation of your business. 

Have you calculated the cost of stopping your activity following a computer failure?

After considering the cost of immobilizing your staff and / or your activity in the event of malfunction of your IT tool, you should be able to respond quickly to a few essential questions:

• can I find a file quickly?

• Am I able to reboot or restart my server identically in the event of a break?

• how to reboot data in the event of theft?

• how to make a data reboot in the event of fire or disaster?

Technically, we have the answers adapted to each of the cases, which we can modulate in

based on the time you consider acceptable to be operational again.

Basic solution: automatic backup of your data

It allows you, at a programmed frequency, to make a copy of your data beforehand selected on removable media or not: tapes, external disks… This type of backup allows you to duplicate your user files: emails, letters, spreadsheets, accounting, pay, etc.

If the backup is made on removable media, you can move them to a physical location different from your premises, to protect you from theft or disaster risk (safe at the bank, home). On the other hand, this type of backup takes into account only the user files, and not necessarily system files. We must therefore be able to go further…

Complete solution: backing up disk images

In addition to your user data, it can be interesting or even essential to also backup the complete environment of your server and workstations. This solution is called disk image backup, which can be imaged as a “Photocopy” of the hard drive of your equipment; in the event of breakage, the time required to restore service and in operational conditions is greatly reduced, since it suffices to restore the image disk to find the entire working environment, instead of having to reinstall everything manually (system, programs, data, peripherals). This type of backup can, like the basic backup, be performed on removable media or not.

Critical cases: recovery from incidents or disasters

Even if we always think that “it only happens to others”, you can suffer a disaster or your data can be physically stolen. The question then arises of how to quickly make a data reboot your IT system, to get your teams operational again as soon as possible. Today there are suitable solutions, which can go as far as fireproof, waterproof and anti-theft safes and fall protection, connected to your computer network.

As soon as the user clicks on the cyber reboot button, the welcome window is cleared. The program can be configured to automatically launch the computer’s default Internet browser possibly with the quick restart or reboot page allowing access to most used mail servers as well as some useful websites. It is also possible to schedule the launch of any application installed on the computer or leave the free user of this choice.

Every precaution has been taken against cheating so that the program can be used in a room where certain stations are outside the supervisor’s supervision. Even the crash and the restart or reboot of a station do not affect the counter and all the settings affecting the client workstations are protected by a secret code.